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Just saw this recommended by Jerry Holkins.

I was just getting out of high school when this was published and I completely missed it. But it sounds rad so onto the infinite backlog it goes.

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I didn't read this one quite as quickly as the first one, but I finished it today.

This is an interesting one. It's way more "military sci-fi" than the first one was, to the point that I was starting to wonder if it had been stealth-published by Baen.

It also definitely paints the Chaonians in more of a gray-light. I can't figure out if it was doing that on purpose or not since they still seem better than a lot of the alternatives.

So, not as good as Unconquerable Sun but still quite good and I wish I could keep going. Sadly, the third isn't expected for a couple of years so I guess I'll need to find something else to tide me over.

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It's not high literature, but what a fun ride. Fortunately, the sequel came out recently so I am already ready to start the next one.

It turns out that I really like the light interpersonal drama of royals in a space empire who also get into pew pew pew fights.

I'd have never thought that this specific thing was my jam; but between this and Scalzi's Interdependency series, I guess I need to admit it to myself.

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Well, that was terrific.

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I was looking for some light and easy SF reading and Space Team was recommended.

It fit the bill perfectly; I read it in just a few hours. I didn't even have time to add it to this website first.

It's not high art, but it's definitely diverting. And sometimes, we all need a diversion.

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To some extent, I was reading this to evaluate if it would be a good book to hand to a new junior dev.

I'm not really sure. There are parts that I think are great and parts where I think that Mark gets off into some paths I don't love (notably TDD) a bit more than seems necessary.

I think I'd probably put this on a list of other recommended titles but not necessarily single it out.

As for myself, I'm not sad that I read it. It's a good refresher in a lot of ways.


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It's been a while since I really sat down to read. When I opened this one back up, I remembered how dark and depressing it had turned and then realized why I probably hadn't sat down to read in a while.

I've moved this to the Did Not Finish pile with no regrets.

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Anyone who's looked at the GitHub for this site can see that I need a lot of help...this one comes highly recommended so I have high expectations!

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