I finally got my hands on a Kindle at the end of 2010. I absolutely love it.

Kindle Screens

One of the things I really love about the Kindle is the way that the screen only uses power to change state. This means that in its “power-off” state, it can still show a picture. When I first got the Kindle, I went a little crazy making images to show.

I tried to keep them to a literary theme but some other sorts of images worked their ways in over time. I’ve slowed way down now, but whenever I make a new one, I add it to my Kindle screens page.

Kindle Screen Manager

Since Kindle screensavers aren’t really supported by Amazon (they have to be enabled by a hack), there’s no good interface for dealing with them. They end up as a bunch of folders in a directory on the device and are displayed in alphabetical order. To change the display order, you have to change the names. I wrote a small Mac app to make that a little easier.

Kindle Screen Manager