Friday, March 16th, 2012

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have an AppleTV. There’s no sense in writing a review of the thing since everyone should know all about it. Instead, I want to offer some of the rough impressions I’ve had after a couple hours of using it.

  • We’re incredibly used to our Playstation 3’s Bluetooth remote control. We keep forgetting to point the remote at the AppleTV. This feels archaic.
  • The new episode of Psych, which aired last night, is not available on the iTunes store. I thought things were supposed to appear the day-after. What’s the point?
  • Content-availability aside, the AppleTV seems like a phenomenal device to funnel money from us to Apple. We’re probably going to start renting movies on it: and we have a Netflix DVD account! I think we’ll also end up with several season passes of TV shows if iTunes actually has the content available next-day.
  • We knew that Hulu wouldn’t be an app on the device, but we’d expected to be able to stream it from our iPhones or iPads. Nope. Hulu doesn’t do AirPlay.
  • Pandora does do AirPlay and it’s quite nice.
  • The AppleTV doesn’t have a setting to determine if audio goes out through the HDMI port or the optical port. You get both all the time. It seems that Tim has a less complicated home theater setup than we do.
  • If the NHL offered √† la carte hockey games, they’d get some money from me. But I’m not going to subscribe to their entire season lineup so they’ll just have to do without.
  • As soon as possible, I’m going to jailbreak it so it can run Plex.

It’s not a bad little box for the price and I think we’ll be happy with it. For the most part, a Roku box would have been far more appropriate for us; but AirPlay is just such a compelling feature that we decided to go with this for now. Hopefully it can be jailbroken to be almost as useful as a Roku. If not? Who knows. Maybe we’ll buy a Roku too.

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