Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Often, I imagine horrible and awful things. I’ll be driving down the road and my brain decides to play a movie of my getting into a crash. Or I see a push-pin and my brain pictures it shoving into my eye. Ow.

And for the briefest of moments, I’m not sure which is reality and which exists entirely inside my head.

And I wonder: what if the Many Worlds hypothesis is correct. What if, sometimes, when a new universe branches from my current one, the neurons in the brain interact with it and get momentarily confused?

Let’s be clear: I don’t actually think that’s happening. It’s millions of times more probable that a chemical in my brain misfired and produced the strangeness.

But what if? What if there’s a me with a push-pin sticking out of his eye? Or who didn’t write this post? And what if I could train my brain to interact with him?

I don’t believe any of this, of course. But it could make an interesting story. I’d like to read it.

Maybe, in some other universe, some other me has decided to write it. I hope he sends it along via the quantum ether.

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