Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

In the beginnings of the World were the Old Ones. And from the Chaos, they forged the lands and the seas and the heavens.

From the energies of this great work sprang lesser creatures. Humans and animals. Fel Demons of the darkness and great Titans of the light. And so the Demons fed on the Souls of the Humans and the Titans warred with the Demons on our behalf and drove them back into the Chaos.

But there was one Demon who the Titans did not cast back into the Darkness.  A Demon of Frost took pity upon the Humans and rejected his hunger and begged the Titans for mercy. And the Titans looked favorably upon him and granted him a boon.

They built a great ice fortress at the crown of the world where the Demon could hide from the light. Then the Titans left the world to the Rule of Man and joined the Old Ones in the Never.

And the Frost Demon rested. For three Ages, he fought his hunger in the halls of his fortress. But the hunger gnawed at his mind and became too great to resist. Knowing that the Titans had left, he knew that the world could be his and he should never know hunger again.

But the pity that saved him before took root again. He knew that he must take from the Humans before the hunger drove him mad, but he resolved to do so with quiet mercy so that his own Soul would not be lost.

One night in the year, disguised all in red, he would leave leave his icy home and travel the World. He would enter every home and from every child he would steal a tiny bit of purity and innocence and thus sate his hunger.

To assuage his own guilt over such a horribly thing, the Demon would leave a gift for the child. And over the years, each child would become less pure and less innocent until one day the child was no longer a child. And as a child’s innocence fades, he will stop believing in things like Demons. And the Demon will have to find other children upon which to feed.

And though the Demon tells himself that this does no lasting harm and that he repays in full the things which he takes, he spends all other days weeping and cursing the Titans who left him to this fate.

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