Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Dear Earth.

Hi. It’s me. James. Yes, yes. The stupid looking one.

Anyway. I know we haven’t really treated you very well since the Industrial Revolution (personally, I blame the British) and you have every right to be pissed at us. But lately, we’ve been trying. Remember the Crying Indian? That was great. And we gave a Nobel Prize to Al Gore. And have you noticed all the compact fluorescent bulbs that are replacing the old incandescent bulbs in the landfills? See? We’re making an effort.

I think it’s time that we asked for a show of good faith from you, though. I mean, we’re being the bigger species here. We’re slowing admitting we’ve been doing it wrong and are trying to fix it. But why should we go to all the trouble to research alternative energies if we think you’re just going to show us a planet-sized middle finger when we’re done? Seriously. It’s time to show us that you’re serious about working with us instead of against us.

So how about a little fall? Just a few days of crisp air and low humidity? Just enough to show us you’re in the game and then you can start summer early next year.

Come on, Earth. Be a team player.

The power, after all, is yours.



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