Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

I’m still getting new post-WWDC Apple development podcasts.

They’re mostly “There was this really cool thing that I can’t talk about! And there was another cool thing I wish I could tell you! And they’re going to blow you away with this thing that is under NDA.”

Contrast this with Microsoft’s PDC. Almost immediately after the conference was over, Microsoft posted videos of hundreds of sessions. In multiple formats (they even formatted them for iPods). For free.

Though some WWDC 2009 are available free on iTunes (with a free ADC account), the bulk of them require a premier ADC membership. That’s $3500.

Technology-wise, Apple treats developers way better than Microsoft does. After all: Xcode is free with every Mac while Visual Studio costs thousands of dollars. And Cocoa is still thousands of times better than anything I’ve seen from Microsoft. In every other way, though, Microsoft goes above-and-beyond in their relationship with developers. If only those powers could combine into some kind of development-platform-Voltron. ¬†Alas.

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