Severity: Medium

Priority: High

Symptom: Vending Machine Does Not Contain Pop-Tarts

Expected Result: Vending Machine Would Contain Pop-Tarts, Allowing Me To Purchase One

Actual Result: Vending Machine Contains Oreo Cakesters Where The Pop-Tarts Normally Go

Steps To Reproduce:

  1. Approach vending machine carefully
  2. Count out at least 85 cents ($0.85) of change (for example: 3 quarters and 1 dime)
  3. Visually scan vending machine window searching for Pop-Tarts
  4. NOTICE: No Pop-Tarts can be found
  5. Insert change into vending machine
  6. Select option E12, which usually dispenses Pop-Tarts
  7. NOTICE: Oreo Cakesters are dispensed instead

Please note: There is a work-around. In order to obtain Pop-Tarts, the user may visit other vending machines around the building attempting to find one. The user MUST NOT attempt to retrieve Pop-Tarts from the affected vending machine first, however, as this will render their change useless for acquiring Pop-Tarts. This is not documented anywhere.

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