I’m contemplating buying MegaRace from @gogcom when I get home. I doubt it will hold up, though. I do have a particularly strong memory associated with it, though.

I was about 11 or 12 and we were in Warner Robins, GA visiting family.We were staying with my aunt and she had recently bought a shiny new Packard Bell computer. One of the pack-ins for the computer was MegaRace: I guess the Bell was trying to show off the multimedia capabilites of the box. Look! It can play video AND sound!

While the grownups were in the den talking about whatever grownups talked about during the mid-90s, I sat in my aunt’s spare room and played MegaRace. And I remember it vividly: the smell of the new carpet, the disorganized stuff that sooner or later takes over any spare room, and even the layout of my aunt’s little town house (which I only visited once or twice before she moved). Oddly enough, my little brother is nowhere in the memory. Though I’m sure he would’ve been with me (since the other option would’ve been hanging with the grownups). It’s funny how the brain works, eh?

Anyway. So if I were to buy MegaRace today, would it resonate emotionally with me? Or would it ring hollow because the reality of a fifteen year old game can’t possibly live up to that sort of memory? I have no idea.

And I’m not sure I want to find out.

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