Kindle Screens

These screens were designed for the 800x600 Kindle 3.
To use these screens, you must install the Kindle screensaver
hack located at The MobileRead Wiki.

Asterisks* denote a screen which has both a version with
the "Slide and release..." banner and one without. Visit the main page for that
screen to see both images.

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Spin Trilogy 3 Vortex*
Uploaded: 2011-Sep-25
Spin Trilogy 2 Axis*
Uploaded: 2011-Sep-25
Spin Trilogy 1 Spin*
Uploaded: 2011-Sep-25
Arthur Conan Doyle*
Uploaded: 2011-Jun-25
The Dervish House*
Uploaded: 2011-Jun-25
Hundred Thousand Kingdoms*
Uploaded: 2011-Jun-25
Uploaded: 2011-Apr-12
Philosophers Stone*
Uploaded: 2011-Mar-19
Klimt The Kiss*
Uploaded: 2011-Mar-05
The Scream*
Uploaded: 2011-Mar-04
The Hobbit Modern*
Uploaded: 2011-Feb-21
Amazon Agatha Christie
Uploaded: 2011-Feb-20