In my spare time, I work on the occasional project. The vast majority of them never see the light of day, but sometimes I’ll manage to polish one to the point that I want to share it.

Style Guide

Despite what your teachers may have told you, the “rules” of English are far more like guidelines. They can be broken at will for stylistic choices (or just for fun). Since no existing style guide covers all of my own personal preferences for the language, I’ve created my own. This is a perpetual work in progress: it documents scenarios and “rules” as I have to make editing decisions (or just as I think of something neat) and it will evolve as my own writing style evolves.

Programming Projects

From time to time, I build small applications. When they’re worthy, I like to share them here.

Currently, I’m highlighting Shashti, a “humane password generator”.

Kindle Stuff

I finally got my hands on a Kindle at the end of 2010. I absolutely love it. Since then, I’ve created a bunch of screensaver images for the device and even written an application to help manage them on the Kindle.

Are We Still Friends

My on-going attempt to collect the phrase “Are we still friends?” in as many languages as possible to assist the amicable globe-trotter.


Over the course about seven months in 2011, I posted one hundred and thirty-eight facts to Facebook. Most of these facts were pop culture references (like song lyrics) and most were not, in fact, factual. I’ve collected them here for posterity.


Every once in a while, I host karaoke parties. If you will be attending one of these parties, you might find some useful information at this page.