Friday, July 22nd, 2011

This morning, my boss said something to the effect of: “This test-server is pretty under-powered. It still only has 16 gigs of RAM.”.

Yesterday, I saw an estimate that Apple shifted almost 4 petabytes during the first twenty-four hours after they released their latest operating system on the Internet. The petabyte was a unit that my beloved spouse had never heard of before.

I’ve recently started using Spotify which is a music service that gives me instant access to any one of 15 million songs.

I currently follow 404 people on twitter. These people represent nations, professions, and hobbies that span the globe and the gamut from high-tech to iron-age-tech. I’m even fortunate to call some large percentage of that 404 a friend — even people that I’ve never actually met.

The sheer scale of technology is increasing at almost frightening speeds. More and more, it seems that our improvements are running into a wall created by the laws of physics: from heat dissipation in microchips to the size of magnetic filings on hard disks. I read an article the other day noting that we’re getting to the point in our fiber optic lines where the pulses of laser light are so short that they start to blur into each other.

This is a far cry from the DEC Rainbow I first used while sitting on my dad’s knee. And if I’m not careful, I’ll forget just how much magic is in the things I use every day.

I try not to forget, though. Because that sense of childlike wonder makes my own job even better than it already is.

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