I wanted to take this moment, just between the two of us, to tell you a little about myself. As you’ve probably noticed, my name is James.

These days, I find myself in Charleston, SC where I spend my days as a developer for Blackbaud, a company which caters exclusively to the non-profit market. There, I work with an amazing team of people to build our next-generation enterprise-class fundraising and CRM platform.

Of course, my days aren’t entirely devoted to work. At home, I enjoy reading (sci-fi, fantasy, history, science, and even some modern literature), catching good movies (both old and new) on Netflix, watching copious amounts of Star Trek and Doctor Who, and generally geeking out with my spouse.

That said, I hope it doesn’t surprise you that I spend quite a bit of my leisure time on more technical pursuits as well. While at work, I spend my time with SQL Server, VB.Net, and other Microsoft tech. But, I prefer something a little more stylish at home: Apple’s Objective-C and Cocoa stack is just a delightful place to play. And if you buy me a beer, I might even admit to throwing together the occasional PHP script as well. In general, I try not to limit myself to just one language or platform or style. There’s new stuff coming down the pipeline every day and I like to keep abreast.

In addition to this site, I spend a good bit of my online time engaged in various social media interactions. You can find links to my various hangouts in the sidebar. In addition to those, if you find a “willia4” online, it’s probably me*.

I hope that this has helped you get to know me a little bit better. As a geek, I find that I’m most easily defined by my hobbies and interests;** and that’s really what this site represents. You’ll find some posts about tech, some posts about my various ideological and identity struggles, a bit about what I’m watching on television, and lots of really poorly written book reviews.

Given all of that, I hope that you think we can be friends. Because I think you’re pretty cool.

* This is the username I was assigned at University and even though it’s terrible, it stuck. It’s far too late to try to change this identity now so I’ve chosen to embrace it instead.

** Including interesting and stylistically incorrect usages of punctuation.